How To Use Positive-Self-Encouragement To Let Your-True-Self Shine 

(Even When Other People Are Telling You What To Do)

“Listen to me.”
“Be nice.”
“Don't show your temper.”

In the past, parents, relatives, teachers and friends seemed to always be telling me what to do with my life. I was even punished when I didn't follow what they wanted me to do. So I learned how to ignore my-true-self.

Years later, when a person I respect asked me the question : "What is your passion?" I had no answer.

Looking back, I realized why this was so. How could I have known what my passions were when I'd buried my-true-self under layers of shame and guilt for years? Curious to discover my passion, I spent tens of thousands of dollars attending all kinds of programs, searching for the answers.

Finally, I realized that I couldn't rely on anybody else to give me all the answers. I had to find them deep within myself. I had to ask my-true-self to shine.

But I'd done my best to lock my-true-self in a dungeon and throw away the key for so many years... It was no wonder that my-true-self wasn't keen on communicating with me.

So I tried affirmations.
I tried healing work.
I tried motivating myself with fear.
I tried motivating myself with love.
I tried reading as much as I could find about discovering my passion.
And much, much more.

Finally, I found something amazingly gentle and easy that works...
After scolding and torturing my-true-self for years, I discovered that my-true-self needed coaxing and encouragement to reveal herself and shine again.

My positive-self-encouragement has been an amazing journey. A journey that continues to grow. I invite you to take this journey together with me so our-true-selves can shine as brightly as we were born to be!

Presenting: The Positive-Self-Encouragement Kit!

Why is positive-self-encouragement important to letting your-true-self shine?
Answer these two questions:
1. Who is the leader of your life?
2. Whose permission does your-true-self need - in order to shine?

The answers are YOU and YOURS.

Think about it : If you wait for other people to encourage you before allowing your-true-self to shine, aren't you just giving your personal-power away?

Hence, positive-self-encouragement is a tool you can use to gently and firmly take back your personal-power and control over your life.

In addition, you can use positive-self-encouragement to re-energize yourself when dealing with self-doubt and discouragement. Especially when the people around you are not supportive of you striving towards fulfilling your personal aspirations and dreams.

The easiest way of how to positively encouraging yourself?
Step 1. First watch how other people do it.
Step 2. Then copy them to experiment and see how it feels.
Step 3. Finally, tweak their methods to suit your own preferences (aka create-your-own-style).

But at first, you don't know what you don't know...
That's why we've created this positive-self-encouragement kit to demonstrate to you how we-encourage-ourselves, so you can experiment, and come up with your own-brand of positive-self-encouragement too.

But positive-self-encouragement doesn't solve my problem of how to deal with other people telling me what to do!
As you practice positively-encouraging-yourself, you will notice yourself becoming noticeably less and less reliant on the need to receive the approval of others. In the mean time, do your best to ignore their opinions.

You can also keep asking yourself (and answering) the question "What do I prefer instead?" This will help turn your attention back towards yourself and away from the strong opinions of other people, which should give you some temporary relief from any uncomfortable situations.  

What is in this positive-self-encouragement kit?


The beautiful things you will get inside your positive-self-encouragement kit include...

  • 52 Glorious Worksheets (a .pdf for you to download) that you can fill in together with your-true-self (to positively-encourage-yourself even when others don't).
    • Art Posters containing the encouraging thought of the week. You can play with this poster by coloring it in and putting it up as a visual reminder to positively-encourage-yourself during the week.
    • Tables for you to fill in your objectionable thoughts related to the encouraging thought of the week - so you can deal with your inner-demons face-to-face (not just in your head).
    • Pretty Instruction Sheets to a short-activity that you can easily use to encourage yourself within 10 minutes – we'll do these activities together with you in the videos.
    • Soulful Lyrics to the positive-self-encouraging-song-of-the-week – so you can sing along with us during the videos! Joy!  
    • 39 Entertaining and Inspiring Videos (which are password protected and hosted on Vimeo) where we act as your guide and take you through the worksheets!
    • Honest (and vulnerable) Introduction Videos to the positive-encouraging-thought of the week – we share our personal stories of (1) what was happening before this encouraging thought appeared (2) how we use this positive-self-encouraging thought in our life (3) how our lives have changed after we became friends wih this positive-self-encouraging thought.
    • Handling-of-Objections Videos where we demonstrate how we deal with our personal objections to the encouraging thought, so you get a good idea of how it's done, and can do it for yourself too.
    • Activity + Celebrations Videos where we read out the instructions to the activity of the week and do them together with you. We close by celebrating your journey together with you (get ready for your surprise)!

    The Objectives of this Positive-Self-Encouragement-Kit are:

    • Effective activities that make you feel different instantly
    • Easy-to-do-and-complete activities (within 2 minutes) – so easy, even a child can do
    • For us to be your companions... so you never need to feel lonely on your journey towards allowing your-true-self to shine again
    • To bring out your inner-child to play - with fun and laughter
    • To help you get-back-to-basics: you can learn like a child again
    After using this positive-self-encouragement kit...
    You will find yourself naturally positively-encouraging-yourself more. As a result, you will feel lighter, happier and a lot more confident of allowing your-True-Self to shine. Also, the people around you may or may not notice the changes in you... but it won't matter as much to you anymore... because now you know how to positively-encourage-yourself!

    What makes this positive-self-encouragement kit different?
    You get to see, hear and feel our-true-selves in action.(Why? Because watching someone else demonstrate allowing their-true-selves to shine, despite other people's opinions is very powerful. Unconsciously, you start to gain courage for your-true-self to shine as well.)

    Most importantly, you get to judge for yourself whether we are living what we say or not when you watch our videos.

    Important : Don't delay in getting your positive-self-encouragement kit today!

    #1. Your-True-Self really needs you to shine!

    #2. The only time you will ever have to take back your personal-power and control over your life is now. One more moment that you delay positively-encouraging-yourself, is a moment your-true-self stays imprisoned. Learn the tools and skills to free your-true-self from anymore unnecessary shame and guilt today.

    #3. You won't get this stuff from anyone else. Therapists, consultants and healers will encourage you... but let's get real... can you truly rely on them forever? Positive-Self-Encouragement is a life-long skill that you can take with you everywhere you go!

    #4. Furthermore, this kit is at a fraction of the price to see a consultant or therapist. At the end of it, you will be gifted with the ability to do-it-yourself instead of depending on someone else for peace of mind.

    #5. Gently release your depression and re-energize yourself instantly with Positive-Self-Encouragement today! Positive-Self-Encouragement helps you let go of self-doubt and discouragement to feel more energetic, lighter and free of old limiting patterns.

    Your-True-Self is waiting for you to unleash him/her!

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